Qryos AllDB

AllDB is a centralized, cluster-based, highly scalable datastore that encapsulates and provides functionality of datastore for both search and datastore functions and features of our Datastore Technologies.


is developed as a quick and easy starter modular add-on datastore and searching application serving as the backbone data infrastructural initial deployment without the expensive initial infrastructure capital expenditure investment.

It allows for easy expansion, organic growing, simplifying management and maintenance of data, searches and cloud facilities hosting to ease management in exponential web scale growth environment.

One port, one protocol is all that is needed to handle all communication from client to Qryos AllDB server to access all features of Qryos GDB, Qryos MDB, Qryos RDB, Qryos Cacher and Qryos S3 Saver.


  • May need a bit of manual intervention to split all datastore technologies into their respective counterparts if needed.